Mirror and Corten | Workshop +Monday, October 22, 2012


A mirror in a garden courtyard: a simple idea that adds an element of surprise and delight in a narrow courtyard. And in this case a simple idea also solved a problem. The client wanted to add a workshop to their site, a small stand-alone building. Due to site constraints we had to place it in the front yard in close proximity to the house. The addition of the workshop created a 15’ wide courtyard which seemed narrow in the design stage. To add to the dilemma it was not practical to have full height glass on the small workshop due to flying debris. Not only was the courtyard narrow, but the workshop building needed a solid wall. The solution was to add a mirror to the exterior wall. The mirror captures the southern light and reflects a small crop of existing boulders and a peony tree that has now reached its glory center stage in the courtyard.


 The project is finishing up and the landscape is in progress. The courtyard is transforming into a magical and special place.

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